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02. Who Will The Magic Circle Ban Next?! w/ Steve Faulkner

David Blaine's injury, YouTube magic exposure, a coin trick tutorial and more. Nathan and Steve discuss the latest magician news.

Steve Faulkner

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The One Ahead Podcast is a monthly round-up of magic news stories and trick tutorials. In each episode, a guest co-host joins Rory or Nathan. Listen for free on One Ahead or podcast platforms like Apple or Spotify.

Storied Discussed:

  1. Magicians Who Protect Their Ideas Don't Have Many
  2. Sheep & Thieves: Magic Coin Trick Tutorial
  3. David Blaine Injured Himself on Stage Again
  4. The Magician with 200 Million Views the Community Hasn't Noticed
  5. Why The Magic Circle Just Banned this Magician: Full Story