Ellusionist & Peter Turner Raise $420k on Kickstarter

How they're breaking records again and marketing magic to the masses.

Ellusionist & Peter Turner Raise $420k on Kickstarter

Ellusionist is back on Kickstarter after huge projects like How To Be A Magician, How To Read Minds and not so huge projects like Fiddle Stick. Peter Turner comes across great, and I must say that the trailer for their How To Control Minds kit is extremely well executed.

The project just ended fully funded with a whopping $421,758 from 2,406 backers. Ellusionist is not the first company to harness Kickstarter to bring more eyes to a product they would likely have released on their own, and they’re very good at repeating this format every year.

I wonder how magicians feel about these powerful techniques being marketed on such a public platform as Kickstarter? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Ellusionist market the kit as “guerilla”, which the dictionary defines as acting aggressively and without official permission or approval.