The $1,000 Magic Bundle Winner Is...

Happy Tuesday!

Thanks to everyone who participated in last month’s magic giveaway sponsored by Vanishing Inc. I recommend you check out their Masterclass series. For only $50 today, you can binge days of 1:1 magic mentorship from incredible industry names.

This newsletter is all about consulting for TV magic.

Here are some magic consultants who stood out to me:

  1. Asi Wind, a consultant for David Blaine, teaches the fine points on the Fan Force, The Double-Digit Force with new tips, XY Deck and Applications, notes on pre-show, an imaginary Card Under Watch, and more.

  2. Blake Vogt, who’s consulted for Copperfield, Dan White, and Dynamo, teaches how to split cards AND dollar bills, a Rubber Band Thru Hand, and his creative process for inventing new magic and illusions.

  3. Chris Kenner, Copperfield's longtime magic producer, teaches impossible playing card magic tricks and his coin magic repertoire. As a special bonus, you'll get a nearly 2-hour Q&A session with Kenner.

Sign up today for fifty bucks, and binge their content. It’s worth it.

The winner of the $1,000 magic trick bundle is James Piatt — he gets the vast shipment of physical products and magic downloads. A huge thanks to everyone who took part. Stay subscribed to be the first to know about the next giveaway.