Kickstarter Details Finally Revealed

Happy Sunday!

You’re getting this email as you subscribed to my magic newsletter. I’ve spent a decade writing TV magic shows. All this time, I dreamed of publishing a party game.

With your help, we can make this happen.

Okay — I’m launching on Kickstarter this Tuesday, 23rd August, at 4 pm GMT. If you want to support my passion project…If you want to help bring the game to life…sign up for a 30% discount. The first 48 hours are crucial to the success of any project. Earlybirds get a big discount, a free sticker, and my endless love.

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What’s the game?

It’s trivia, truths, tasks and trick questions. Anyone can answer, but not at the same time! Answer first to win the card. BUT if you try to answer at the same time as another player…you both lose all (yes, all) your collected cards. I’ll wait to reveal the full game and reward details on Tuesday.

Below are some photos of the prototype cards. I cannot tell you how cool it would be if this game meets its funding goal. If the Kickstarter is a success, I’ll be able to place the minimum order.

I’ll email you one more time about this project at launch. Then only once or twice during the 30-day campaign. The rest of the time, it’ll be the usual magic newsletter you love. Together, we’ve got the chance to create something fun beyond our love of magic.

Speak soon,


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Launch Time Zones

Aukland — 03:00 AM Weds

Melbourne — 01:00 AM Weds

Cape Town — 17:00 Tues

Amsterdam — 17:00 Tues

London — 16:00 Tues

New York — 11:00 Tues

Toronto — 11:00 Tues

Dallas — 10:00 Tues

Los Angeles — 08:00 Tues

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