David Britland Has A New Column

Exciting news!

David Britland is joining One Ahead as our first monthly columnist. When I began consulting, Derren Brown’s team lovingly introduced Britland to me as The Brinternet. That’s the nickname he earned for his legendary amount of magic knowledge.

Most recently, David co-wrote David Copperfield’s new book, History of Magic. Specializing in deception, his books include Phantoms of the Card Table, Chan Canasta, A Remarkable Man, and The Mind & Magic of David Berglas. He has worked on many TV series from the scams of The Real Hustle to the mind-bending mysteries of Derren Brown. He holds Special and Literary Fellowships at the Academy of Magical Arts.

In his new column, David will teach magic gems lost to time. From cards & coins to everyday objects - there’s real value for hobbyists and professionals. Upcoming tutorials include a fantastic lie detector effect and a brilliant card trick that’s been hidden away since 1859. From the desk of David Britland, direct to your inbox.

Britland’s first column goes to paid subscribers on Tuesday, the 5th. Special thanks to paying subscribers who make working with columnists possible. Join before the price goes up, here. Already subscribed? Refer friends.

— Rory