⚠️ Embrace your problems

Projects I work on will credit me as “creative consultant.” It’s quite a wanky sounding title, though reasonably accurate. I get paid to be creative via problem solving and intellectual property generation. One thing I notice about great consultants is that they embrace problems. Restrictions (like budget or time) can encourage creativity, and problems do the same — sending you in new directions.

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A lot of magicians perform Rubik’s or dice tricks, which rely on electronic readers. Like a lot of magic methods, magicians were ahead of their time by many years, and now the world is slowly catching up. Huge Kickstarter projects (a platform that allows customers to crowdfund new products) have raised awareness around app-connected cubes and dice. This increase in method awareness may be a problem.

As a consultant, my first response to this potential problem is, “who gives a toss?” If you perform these routines well, with good convincers and pseudo-methods, no one will figure them out or care to.

My second response to most problems is to try embracing them. I’ll rarely follow through, but it’s worth telling yourself you will so you fully commit to the creative process.

To embrace this specific problem, I would opt to use an app-connected cube “openly” and embrace the technology for the presentation.

The Solution by Michael Murray is brilliant (and it’s only £16). In the routine, a spectator solves a shuffled cube behind their back.

If I had to use an app-connected cube, the screen on stage would present a live view of the shuffled cube as it is solved behind the spectator’s back. It’s a convincer, and it might even add a good rhythm to the routine; the spectator could come close and then fail momentarily before solving the cube.

Is this a necessary addition? Absolutely not. The thought process is important, though. Getting in the habit of embracing problems will lead you to creative presentations down the line. Embracing your problems is always a worthwhile creative exercise.

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Exciting News 🚀

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