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05. A Cursed Magicians Podcast

David Blaine, Ben Hart, Penn & Teller and Plenty of Eye Contact!

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The One Ahead Podcast is a monthly round-up of magic news stories and trick tutorials. In each episode, a guest co-host joins Rory or Nathan. Listen for free on One Ahead or podcast platforms like Apple or Spotify.

Stories Discussed:

  1. This is How Famous Magicians Make Money: Valuable Insights
  2. Derren Brown's New Live Show is Missing Something: Full Story
  3. Did You Know This About Ben Hart's New Magic Show?
  4. How to Enhance Magic Tricks with Your Eyes: Revealed
  5. Watch: Why Penn & Teller Are Unusual Genuises
  6. Why David Blaine is the Best at THIS: How You Can Be Too.